Halal & Sharia Compliant Resort

Kallat British Resort

Kallat British Resort

We located on the small hill of Kalpetta with Panoramic view of Chembra Peak and Poddar Tea Plantations

Kallat British Resort is the first exclusive Halal resorts in wayanad. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty in wayanad. We are the first sharia compliant resorts in kerala. Kallat british resort offers complete privacy in an alluring, peaceful haven that is rich in both spirituality and culture.

Many Muslims might think that Muslim-friendly destinations are too limited, and they are vigilant about halal-friendly services and facilities while deciding to stay in an Indian hotel. We have expanded halal tourism so our options have just broadened. We provide Halal accommodation befitting all travelling needs of Muslim travellers.

We focus mainly on Halal tourism and act according sharia compliant laws. Kallat is exquisitely designed resort with a delectable mix of British artistry offering many amenities.

Villas at Kallat British Resort

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